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Things to do

Located in the center of Yonezawa City

Sightseeing in Yonezawa City is based at Business Hotel Heisei.

List of how to spend

  • Surrounding sightseeing map

    It shows the time (calculated by car) and distance from the hotel to the tourist attractions.
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  • Neighborhood museum

    • 1. Toko Brewery Museum Toko Brewery Sake Museum

      A liquor store for the Yonezawa Clan, founded in 1597 (Keicho 2nd year), known as the Famous Sake Toko.
      Kojima Sohonten Sake Brewery Museum.
      There is also a tasting / spot sale corner.It takes 40 minutes.

      Time:About 5 minutes
    • 2. Yonezawa Textile Museum

      Introducing Yonezawa Ori, which has a history of more than 200 years, which was established by Youzan Uesugi.
      The first floor is a directly managed store by Orimoto.
      We sell Yonezawa Ori products such as hand-woven Yonezawa Tsumugi, obi and clothing.

      Time:About 6 minutes
  • Sightseeing spots related to Kenshin Uesugi

    • 3. Kasugayama Rinsenji Temple

      Kagekatsu Uesugi's Masamuro Kikuhime, Kagekatsu's mother Aya- Sentoin, Yozan's concubine Yutaka, etc.
      In addition to the wives of successive feudal lords and the mausoleum of their children, there are tombs Mr and Mrs Naoe Kanetsugu.

      Time:About 8 minutes
    • 4. Denkoku no Shrine Okitama Culture Hall

      A museum and cultural facility that combines the history of Uesugi with the performing arts.
      It consists of a 500-seat Okitama Culture Hall, Uesugi Clan, and the Uesugi Museum, which introduces the history of the region.

      Time:About 9 minutes
    • 5. Uesugi Hakusyakutei

      The residence of Count Mochinori, the 14th Mochinori of the Uesugi Clan.
      Yonezawa's only traditional mansion where you can eat Yonezawa Yonezawa Beef and other Yozanko princes while looking out at the garden.

      Time:About 8 minutes
    • 6. Uesugi Shrine

      Built on the site of the Yonezawa Castle Honmaru Oku-goten Ruins.
      Matsugasaki Park.Kenshin Uesugi.
      The current main shrine is designed by Chuta Ito from Yonezawa City.

      Time:About 9 minutes
    • 7. Uesugi Clan Mausoleum

      The mausoleum of successive feudal lords from the first Kenshin of the Uesugi Clan to the 12th Saisada.
      The mausoleum surrounded by cedar grove has a clean and quiet atmosphere as if it shows the spirit of the clan.

      Time:About 12 minutes
  • hot spring/ /Ski Resort

    • 8. Onogawa Onsen

      The roadside is filled with white steam.
      It is said that Ono no Komachi Ono discovered this hot spring on his way to his father, and there are many famous places related to Komachi.

      Time:About 23 minutes
    • 9. Yonezawa Snow World

      There are a wide variety of course that children and adults can enjoy.
      The 12 pension villages on the slopes are popular for their delicious food.

      Time:About 22 minutes
    • 12. Akayu Onsen

      There are a wide variety of course that children and adults can enjoy.
      The 12 pension villages on the slopes are popular for their delicious food.

      Time:About 35 minutes
  • Recommended spots

    • 10. Takahata Winery

      You can take a leisurely tour of wine making using grapes from From Takahata.
      A variety of tastings and special products from Takahata Town are also available.

      Time:About 28 minutes
    • 11. Mahoraba Green Road

      The 700 cherry blossom trees along the cycling road, which stretches for about 6km using the traces of the abandoned railway line, are spectacular.
      You can enjoy the cherry blossom tunnel by bicycle or on foot.

      Time:About 30 minutes